Stammers is a destination for fashion and lifestyle info, interviews and advice from your favourite Instagram stars. We will provide for you the latest and greatest on whats going on and trending in the Instagram world.

Our mission is to bring you interesting and valuable content based on and from your favourite Instagram personalities. We feel this is important in giving lesser known people a voice and a chance to inspire and show their true selves to their fans. We want our viewers to really understand and get to know who’s behind the Instagram account and give them a platform to do so.

We will be posting everything to do with today’s hip and trending lifestyle. We want our viewers to understand and really get to know their favorite Instagram stars. We think it is important to give Instagram stars a voice because there is no other platform doing so, and our site will treat Instagrammers like today’s everyday movie, reality and television stars.

We started this idea after one day lurking the page of one of our many favourite Insta-famous girls. We thought, what would it be like to know her? Where are her favourite places to hangout? How did she start taking pictures, etc? After trying to research online it was clear this information was no where to be found. I knew there was an absence of this type of media out there and wanted to bring this kind of information to people. Not only does releasing this sort of content great for viewers to read about but also great for Instagram stars to show the world who they really are.

We provide our viewers with the most shareable and interesting lifestyle content all about Instagram stars, lifestyle advice and interesting articles across the web.


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